Help Restore the USS Ling





The NJ Naval Museum is no longer in Hackensack and the USS Ling is closed for indefinitely. There are no longer any tours.

For anyone wishing to make a contribution to help restore USS Ling (SS-297), there appear to be multiple fundraising efforts underway on the GoFundMe web site. Only one campaign, however, has been established in cooperation with - and with the approval of - the Submarine Memorial Association. As a qualified 501(c)(3) organization, Go Fund Me recognizes the Submarine Memorial Association as a Certified Charity and all contributions are paid directly to the Association. All donations made through this campaign are fully tax-deductible, and each donor will receive a receipt for tax filing purposes via email directly from GoFundMe. To ensure your donations are going directly to the Submarine Memorial Association, please be sure to use the following link: Look for the statement on the GoFundMe page indicating that "Funds raised will benefit the Submarine Memorial Association, a Certified Charity." While other fund raising efforts on the GoFundMe site may very well be valid and well-intentioned, the Submarine Memorial Association has not received contributions from any of these sources, nor can it verify their authenticity.


The Submarine Memorial Association is a 501(c)(3) Organization.