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Evening Event

The cost is $15.00 per person with a minimum of 20 required and a maximum of 30.Your "Evening Event" includes a full and comprehensive tour of all the compartments on the USS Ling, the outdoor exhibits, and the museum. . The program starts at 6:00 PM and ends about 10:00 PM when everyone goes home. We make every effort to insure that Capt. Pete will be your event guide for the evening, but due to conditions beyond our control we can not guarantee it.
***Prices, times & dates are subject to change without prior notification.

Some of the things we do.....

Evening Colors


We lower the colors, say the pledge of allegiance,and conduct a flag folding ceremony.

Boarding Procedure

It is customary when boarding a US Navy ship to salute the quarterdeck and the flag, turn to the Officer of the Deck and ask permission to come aboard. Don't be late for boarding or you will have to deal with Capt. Pete. (Keep an eye out for enemy aircraft)

Forward Torpedo Room

View the "escape trunk" this is the compartment that was used to escape from a sunken submarine. Escapes were made from 200 ft during WWII.

Watch out for the sticky drain valve!

Control Room

Perform a simulated dive, man the bow and stern planes, sound the diving alarm. Sound the general quarters alarm for "BATTLE STATIONS". Prepare for collision ......sound the alarm.

Conning Tower

Look through the observation periscope and hit the torpedo firing button. On a clear evening one can see the Empire State building. Watch the main steering wheel, sometimes a ghost from the past makes it move.

Crew's Mess

You can order pizza, soda.  A television monitor/VCR is available in the crew's mess for viewing your video tapes.

After Engine Room

Listen to the sound of one of the 1600 HP Diesel engines.

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