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African-Americans and the U.S. Navy
African-Americans have served in the U.S. Navy since its beginnings. They have worked for the Navy as civilians and have provided it with important services from other walks of life. This section presents a broad selection of our images that relate to African-Americans and their relationships with the United States Navy.


Science Museum of Virginia - Reynolds Aluminaut
In 1964, Reynolds Metals Company, headquartered in Richmond, Va., launched an extraordinary creation--the Aluminaut, the world's first aluminum submarine. During its career, the Aluminaut set a world record for the deepest dive by a submarine and traveled the globe to perform scientific research and emergency salvage missions. Its final journey was to the Science Museum of Virginia where it will be on permanent display beginning in 1998.


USS COD SS-224 World War II Fleet Submarine

Hitler's Lost Sub
NOVA'a website features: Tour U-869 (Flash required), Sole Survivor, Hazards of Diving Deep, 400 Years of Subs, Map of Lost U-Boats, Fire a Torpedo. A great educational resource. Video tape of the Nova documantary available on the site.

The Dutch Naval Museum Den Helder
For anyone who wishes to know more about the fascinating history of the Royal Netherlands Navy the Naval Museum is just the place to go.
In the permantent exhibition the visitor can follow the development of the naval vessel, be introduced to various naval heroes like Michiel de Ruyter, Jan van Speyk and Karel Doorman and come face to face with the weapons they used in battle, their uniforms, the plates they ate from and the decorations they received in reward. Or enter the submarine 'Tonijn and the minesweepers Abraham Crijnssen' and breath the atmosphere inside a warship.

San Francisco Maritime National Park Association
home of USS Pampanito, a WW II Submarine, and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park

The Submarine Force Museum
in Groton, Connecticut, home of Historic Ship NAUTILUS (SSN 571), is the United States Navy's official submarine museum. The mission of the museum is to collect, preserve, interpret and present the history of the United States Submarine Force.



USS Ling Interactive. Flash player 5 required
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